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Residents organize to prevent the installation of a dolphin tank in a shopping mall called ‘La Isla’

By Doraliz Terrón Moreno


Puerto Vallarta, Jal. – Concerned for the life, preservation and protection of dolphins, a group of Puerto Vallarta residents are raising awareness against the installation of dolphins inside the shopping mall under construction called ‘La Isla’.


Due to this initiative, a growing group of concerned citizens has formed for the purpose of increasing consciousness against this type of spectacle with cetaceans, asking citizens to unite and request that the developers reevaluate the construction and operation of aforementioned dolphinarium, and instead search for alternatives to this tank.

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This coming 7th of May at 12 p.m. all citizens supporting this cause will gather in front of the construction site dressed in blue to peacefully demonstrate against this form of captivity. This is appropriate for the whole family, with a goal to heighten awareness about preventing this type of animal enslavement.


As well, a formal petition was created on the site change.org with the goal to vote against the tank that has been referenced , which reduces the life of the dolphins, promotes stress and disorientation, are drugged to endure their lives in enslavement for human entertainment, among other unsettling facts. The said proposal can be found here:





Facebook: Empty the Tanks PV




Documentaries such as «Blackfish» and » The Cove» have created awareness of the terrible suffering and stress that these types of installations cause to cetaceans (dolphins and orcas), this is the primary reason that sites such as Sea World are in the center of the storm with respect to this topic. It has been widely demonstrated that dolphins have superior intelligence and it is cruel to hold them in captivity for tourist attractions.

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Some facts about cetaceans living in the wild:


* They have families


* They reunite in large pods to strengthen bonds, and for protection and reproduction


* They have culture. The adults pass on their knowledge to their young like how to hunt in pods


* They create and use their own tools to achieve their hunting objectives


* They recognize each other as individuals


*They protect members of their own pod


* They communicate in their own complex language



These are only few examples of how structured its society is. Social life only occurs in animal groups with demonstrated intelligence, as the non-human primates from which the man envolved, whom is also classified as a social animal.


Puerto Vallarta is a privileged place by the exuberance of the surrounding nature. This being its main attraction, it should be a tourist destination focused on the admiration and care of nature, where we live in harmony with it. It’s easy to see dolphins in freedom in our bay. There is no need to restrict its observation to a tank!


The ONU and UNESCO’s Universal Declaration of Animal Rights establish, among others, that every animal has the right to respect, and that any deprivation of freedom, even that for educational purposes, is contrary to this right. Tanks with dolphins violate animal rights.


On the other hand, the Protection and Care for Animals Law in Jalisco beholds, in its article 30, that it is forbidden to do the following acts:


XIX. The possession or sale of animals whose specie is considered in danger of extinction or under special protection, according to the laws of matter. The most commonly used species in the dolphinariums is listed under Special Protection by NOM Ecol 059 2010: Delphinidae (Tursiops truncatus), bottlenose dolphin. Pr (Special Protection) nonendemic.


XXV. All event, act or omission that may cause pain, suffering, endanger life or affect animal welfare. The physical and emotional damage caused by the captivity of these species has been widely documented (documentaries as «The Cove» and «Blackfish»).


«Together we can create a more conscious and respectful Vallarta towards all living beings. If you agree with this ideology, join us March 7th. «

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